About Kathy and StarBrite Designs
Kathy Santore, Artist/Gemologist
StarBrite Designs, LLC

Inspired by nature's palette, Kathy Santore brings together colors and shapes found in nature to create her products. From cool beaches to fiery sunsets to majestic mountains, Kathy uses the elements to guide her choices of stones and complimenting gems in order to capture the brilliance of nature!

Kathy has an extensive knowledge of precious and semi-precious gems.  She is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America where she perfected her gift for identifying the value and quality of stones, including Pearl Identificaton and Pearl Grading.

By combining her gemology training with her artist's flare for color schemes and design, she creates truly inspirational works of art!  

"Thoughtful accessories stir the emotions, build confidence, and make you feel good."